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Simultaneous and Sequential Injection for Dual IC

Simultaneous injection is one injection into two different eluent streams. Sequential injection is one injection per eluent stream. Both configurations use only one autosampler for dual detection, and both have advantages and disadvantages. Choose the configuration that best suits your application needs.


Simultaneous Injection

  • Uses a fitted "T" after the injection port to split sample to two independent injection valves.
  • Best for high throughput and dedicated applications.
  • Less flexibility
  • Need sufficient sample volume to fill two injection loops.

Sequential Injection

  • Uses a diverter valve after the injection port to direct sample to a predetermined injection valve.
  • Can also be used for dual analysis.
  • Allows for more flexibility and easy reinjection.
  • Best solution for sample limited applications.
  • Can be used for preconcentration of sample for trace analysis or 2-D applications.

Autosampler Flexibility

Regardless of which application you choose, the AS autosampler has built-in flexibility that allows dual injection using only one autosampler. Learn how these strategies can improve throughput in your laboratory.