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Simultaneous Analysis of Total Sulfur Species

Many wastewater laboratories are tasked with determination of total sulfur species. To achieve this, two different analytical techniques and detection methods are required. Sulfite, sulfate, and thiosulfate are determined using conductivity detection while sulfide is determined using electrochemical detection. Traditionally, this requires either two separate instruments or a replumbing of the system, a process that wastes valuable labor and re-equilibration time. Using the ICS-3000 (or ICS-5000) dual-detection capabilities, determination of total sulfur species can now be performed from a single injection. Sulfide is determined from Channel A by electrochemical detection while sulfite, sulfate and thiosulfate are determined using conductivity detection.

Increased Throughput and Time Savings

Previously, laboratories needed a separate system or had to switch applications by converting the system from one analysis to another. This process wastes time because it requires changing the eluents, columns, and detectors in addition to system re-equilibration to the new conditions. Using the ICS-5000 simultaneous system, a time savings of approximately 50% is realized because changing the analytical conditions and re-equilibration are no longer required.