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Disposable Working Electrodes

Electrochemical detection has never been easier or more reliable. Four types of disposable electrodes are available to detect a wide variety of analytes. The convenience of using pretested electrodes is paired with application-stabilizing detection waveforms for the latest in electrochemical detection. No more polishing. For consistent results, disposable electrodes are the proven advantage.

Improved Analysis and Ease-of-Use
Disposable electrodes provide reproducible analyses, electrode-to-electrode and lot-to-lot, while maintaining good peak shape, high efficiency, and excellent sensitivity. Each lot of electrodes is tested for key application performance, providing guaranteed electrode-to-electrode reproducibility. Each lot is also serialized for tracking purposes. Each disposable electrode is guaranteed to last for two weeks of continuous use under typical operating conditions (one week for amino acid applications). At the end of the recommended lifetime, or if the electrode becomes fouled, a new electrode is installed easily. Polishing is a thing of the past. After installation, rapid system re-equilibration supports quick system start-up.

  • Consistent peak response, electrode-to-electrode
  • No need for time-consuming, labor intensive electrode polishing
  • Each lot is serialized for tracking
  • Easy installation procedure
  • Fast system re-equilibration (less than 30 min)

Many laboratories have already switched over to disposable electrodes. This proven technology has been expanded for more applications allowing a broader range of usage.

Analytes Determined Using Disposable Electrodes

Gold DEAmino Acids, Carbohydrates, Monosaccharides, Oligosaccharides, Sialic Acids
Silver DEBromide, Cyanide, Iodide, Sulfide, Thiocyanate, Thiosulfate
Platinum DEAlcohols, Aldehydes, Alkenes, Alkynes, Carboxylic acids, Chelating Agents, Ethers, Ketones, Nitriles, Phenols, Sulfoxides, Thioethers, Inorganic Ions, Azide, Cyanide, Sulfide, Sulfite
Carbon DECatecholamines, S-Containing Amino Acids, Phenols, Electroactive Nucleosides