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Reagent-Free IC Solutions

Laboratories using RFIC systems spend less time on equilibration, calibration, method verification, troubleshooting, and consistency checks because the systems minimize unintentional variations in the preparation of eluents and regenerants. RFIC systems not only reduce the manual labor of IC, they make it easy to learn and easy to use.

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Reagent-Free IC with Eluent Regeneration

Eluent Regeneration was developed for systems dedicated to high-throughput analyses of samples with low- to moderate-concentration matrices. Reagent-Free IC systems with Eluent Regeneration (RFIC-ER systems) are designed to use carbonate, carbonate/ bicarbonate, or MSA eluents for isocratic separations. Eluent Regeneration is available as an optional configuration or upgrade for ICS-1100, -1600, -2100, and -5000 systems.

Reagent-Free IC with Eluent Generation

RFIC-EG systems have redefined ion chromatography by making it simpler, more powerful, and more reliable. Just add water, and the RFIC-EG system delivers superior results while saving you time and labor.

Reagent-Free Ion Chromatography with Electrolytic Sample Preparation

RFIC-ESP systems enable a range of automated sample preparation techniques which employ proprietary electrolytic devices to provide reduced cost and higher value analyses.