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Automatic Preparation for Trace Analysis

Analysis of anions and cations at levels in the ng/L range presents unique challenges with respect to sample preparation and contamination. As lower concentration level analyses are needed sensitivity to environmental factors, material compatibility, and contamination increases.  

Dionex AutoPrep was developed to facilitate trace analysis by combining large volume sampling with automated standards preparation. AutoPrep provides many advantages for trace level analysis:

  • Automated calibration of the IC system for trace analysis
  • Automatic concentration and analysis of samples.
  • Minimum system contamination associated with trace analysis
  • Removes the analyst from having to perform manual sample preparation and standard dilutions
  • “Pull-mode” autosampling eliminates sample contact with pump components
  • Reduces labor
  • Eliminates errors
  • Fully supported using the Chromeleon Chromatography Data System

AutoPrep is used to automatically prepare calibration curves and perform sample analysis. It is particularly useful for trace level applications. Using unique plumbing configurations and automated valve operations, AutoPrep simplifies trace analysis.

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