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Sample Preparation Solutions

A New Ion Chromatography Line for Integrated Sample Preparation and Analysis

Thermo Scientific™ Dionex™ Reagent-Free™ ion chromatography (RFIC™) systems combine IC with electrolytic sample preparation (RFIC-ESP). All three systems can be equipped with optional 6- or 10-port valves to automate IC sample preparation, and support 2 mm and 4 mm chemistries without pump head changes. Optional column heaters and vacuum degassers provide highly reproducible retention times and integrated state-of-the-art conductivity detection and electrolytic suppression are standard features.

The Dionex ICS-2100 features the electrolytic eluent generation (RFIC-EG) system that provides the highest chromatographic precision and enables powerful gradient separations with an isocratic dual-piston pump. The ICS-2100 is the first instrument offering RFIC-ESP for trace analysis down to part-per-trillion levels for anions and cations. The combination of a single pump and an integrated electrolytic water purifier provides outstanding results with an easy-to-use, mechanically simple system.

The Dionex ICS-1100 and Dionex ICS-1600 are the first fully integrated systems offering Eluent Regeneration (ER). These RFIC-ER systems deliver consistent chromatographic results for up to 28 days with a single preparation of eluent. The IC is always on and always ready to analyze the next sample, thus simplifying operation and reducing labor costs. Automated sample preparation techniques featured on these instruments include automated filtration, matrix removal, and analyte preconcentration.

The new Thermo Scientific™ Dionex™ AS-DV Autosampler provides random access, online sample filtration, and full software control for fully automatic sample loading. The new Thermo Scientific™ Dionex™ Chromeleon™ Chromatography Data System software, the new IC systems and the autosampler provide a complete, easy-to-use solution for automated routine water analysis for environmental, food safety, and water markets, and the power and semiconductor industries.

Reagent-Free Ion Chromatography with Electrolytic Sample Preparation

RFIC-ESP systems enable a range of automated sample preparation techniques which employ proprietary electrolytic devices to provide reduced cost and higher value analyses.

Automatic Preparation for Trace Analysis

Dionex AutoPrep was developed to facilitate trace analysis by combining large volume sampling with automated standards preparation on a small sample loop.The use of μg/L standard concentrations with a 10 μL loop compared to a 10 mL sample loop permits easy emulation of trace level calibrations. This combination, simplifies trace analysis like never before. 

Combustion IC

Combustion IC enables the determination of concentrations of individual halides and sulfur (as sulfate) in intractable samples by oxidizing them at high temperatures.  The combustion furnace can be equipped with various autosampling devices which can handle solids, semisolids, liquids or gasses.  Samples can be as diverse as printed circuit boards, ores, crude oils, gasoline or pharmaceutical raw materials and formulations.


AutoNeutralization is an example of two dimensional ion chromatography where an inline neutralization step is performed on a concentrated acid or base sample before sample injection. This replaces cumbersome manual dilution and neutralization procedures prior to analysis.