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ICS-900 Starter Line IC System

Routinely Analyze Multiple Anions and Cations in 10-15 Minutes

The ICS-900 is an integrated, single-channel ion chromatography system designed to run specific isocratic anion and cation applications. The system uses MMS 300 membrane suppression with Displacement Chemical Regenerationt (DCR) technology for low noise and stable baselines. Each ICS-900 system has an all-polymeric flow path with a reliable dual piston pump, high-pressure pulse damper, electrically actuated PEEK valve, and a temperature-controlled conductivity cell.

Key Features: 

  • MMS 300 membrane suppression with DCR technology for drift-free baseline and ease-of-use
  • Wide pump flow rate range to support 2, 3, and 4 mm isocratic anion and cation columns
  • Dual-piston, serial-pumping system with PEEK flow path for low maintenance costs and maximum up-time
  • All-polymeric flow pathway to eliminate contamination and corrosion
  • Chromeleon® Chromatography Data System software for full control, quality integration, and versatile reports to exceed all your data processing needs
  • USB connectivity for fast, trouble-free instrument connection and configuration
  • Integrated IQ/OQ/PQ procedures to routinely assure the quality of your results


  • Sensitive, stable, heated conductivity detection for precise results
  • Compatibility with a broad range of Dionex polymeric separation columns for unparalleled application flexibility and reliability

The ICS-900 can be ordered with Chromeleon SE, which allows control of a single ICS-900 with autosampler for an attractive price.