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Analytical Autosampler with Fraction Collector

The WPS-3000FC Autosampler supports sample injection and fractionation using two integrated switching valves. The instrument fully automates off-line multidimensional and multistep liquid chromatography in analytical and micro flow rate ranges. The WPS-3000FC simplifies multidimensional separations by allowing columns that differ in chemistry and internal diameter to be combined on a single LC system with dual-gradient flow delivery. The WPS-3000FC is available in stainless steel and biocompatible PEEK versions, making it an ideal tool for biomolecule analysis, including protein and antibody fractionation and purification. The stainless steel version can be updated to support up to 90 MPa (13,000 psi) for full support of fraction collection at UHPLC conditions. In combination with the Extended Fraction Collection capabilities of the Chromeleon® Chromatography Data System software, the WPS-3000FC enables full automation of injection, fractionation, and re-injection of samples.

Key features of the WPS-3000FC Autosampler:

  • Reduced bench space required
  • Sample and fraction cooling
  • Wide application flexibility, including automated off-line 2D-LC, multistep protein purification/analysis, sample derivatization, protein digestion, neutralization
  • Full UHPLC fraction collection support with the upgraded stainless steel version
  • Three well plate capacity and up to 1100 sample and fraction positions
  • Fractionation in sealed and capped sample containers
  • Chromeleon Chromatography Data System software for advanced workflows
  • Software templates for automated off-line 2D-LC

Automated monoclonal antibody purification on Protein A and isoform separation on a ProPac® WCX column.

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