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Biocompatible Rapid Separation Thermostatted Autosampler for Electrochemical Detection

The Biocompatible Rapid Separation Thermostatted Autosampler is ideally suited for use with electrochemical detection when using the highly sensitive Thermo Scientific Dionex UltiMate 3000 Electrochemical detector.The in-line split-loop (or flow-through) injection design (needle and sample loop integral to the high-pressure fluidic path) and external needle wash option virtually eliminate carryover. A clear advantage of this design is the compatibility with smallest injection volumes and zero sample loss during the injection procedure. In addition, the sampler is designed for best precision, accuracy, and speed. The autosampler is highly flexible with a wide range of supported sample formats, customizable precolumn derivatization, and integrated sample cooling.

  • Optimized biocompatible fluidic pathway
  • User-defined programs for precolumn derivatization of neuroactive amino acids and other compounds
  • Injection volume precision typically <0.15% RSD for 2 μL injections
  • Superior injection-volume linearity of r²=0.999 (5–20 μL) due to a high-precision drive mechanism
  • Extremely low carry over for reliable performance
  • Supports various sample formats including different sized vials, well plates, and Eppendorf tubes
  • Sample thermostatting for optimal protection of thermally sensitive analytes