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Manual Injectors

Supports Full-Loop and Partial-Loop Injections

Manual Injector Kits are available in two versions, for analytical- and semipreparative-scale injections. The kits include valve, mounting brackets for connection to UltiMate® pumps, and all tubes, ferrules, nuts, and other parts needed for fluidic connections between pump, valve, and column.

  • Start signal generated for data acquisition
  • Proven ceramic parts to ensure long injection valve life
  • Supports full-loop and partial-loop injections
  • Conveniently mounted to your UltiMate 3000 system

The Analytical Manual Injector Kit includes a 20 μL sample loop, while the Semipreparative Manual Injector includes 20 μL and 2 mL sample loops. Both kits contain a holder for the magnetic pen needed for direct control of UltiMate 3000 modules, for example during maintenance.