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Nano/Capillary Autosampler

Reliable, Unattended Sample Throughput and Handling of nL Sample Volumes 

The UltiMate® 3000 Nano/Capillary Autosamplers, WPS-3000(T)PL and WPS-3000TBPL (biocompatible), have been specifically designed to provide reliable unattended sample throughput and handling of nL sample volumes. They are ideal for LC applications at nano, capillary, and micro flow rates, providing highest injection precision and zero sample loss.

  • Pulled-loop injection principle, full-loop and low dispersion partial-loop injections possible
  • Dual-needle injection technique for robust operation with different sample formats
  • Handles up to three 96- or 384-well plates or sample vial trays, or combinations thereof
  • Injection volume ranges from 0.02–25 μL (default), 0.02–20 μL, or 0.1–125 μL
  • Sample tray thermostatting and cover for injection of thermo- and UV-labile samples
  • External needle wash for lowest carryover of typically <0.01%
  • Microliter pickup routine for injections with virtually zero sample loss
  • Micro Fraction Collection option for automated off-line multidimensional LC (MDLC)

The UltiMate 3000 Nano/Capillary Autosampler is ideally suited for LC/MS applications. Biocompatibility and sample thermostatting qualify the instrument for all small-scale bioanalytical applications. It is available in non-thermostatted (WPS-3000PL), thermostatted (WPS-3000TPL), and thermostatted biocompatible (WPS-3000TBPL) versions. 

Note: For more information on the Micro Fraction Collection Option, please refer to the Fraction Collection section under LC Modules.