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Semipreparative Autosampler

The Thermo Scientific™ Dionex™ UltiMate™ 3000 Semipreparative Autosampler WPS-3000(T)SL performs reliable, accurate, and precise injections in semipreparative LC applications. It is designed to deliver mL injection volumes while minimizing backpressure contributions. The in-line, split-loop injection principle and external needle wash options virtually eliminate carryover.

  • Robust, dependable performance with low operating and maintenance costs
  • Injection volume range from 100–2500 μL (default) or 10–1000 μL (optional)
  • Superior flow path design for flow rates up to 50 mL/min at low backpressures
  • 66 × 4 mL or 45 × 10 mL vial formats for multiple large-volume injections of the same sample
  • Sample thermostatting for optimal protection of thermally sensitive analytes (WPS-3000TSL)

The Ultimate 3000 Semipreparative Autosampler is recommended for all semipreparative LC instrument configurations and is available in nonthermostatted (WPS-3000SL) and thermostatted (WPS-3000TSL) versions.