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CoulArray Coulometric Array Detector

Multiarray electrochemical detection produces qualitative information for compound identification, resolves coeluting peaks, determines peak purity, simplifies sample prep, and measures multiple analytes per sample. The Thermo Scientific Dionex CoulArray Coulometric Array Detector is the only practical multichannel electrochemical detector that allows you to measure multiple analytes simultaneously, including those that are chromatographically unresolved. 

  • Unparalleled selectivity to femtomole levels
  • Simultaneously analyze multiple analytes or a single analyte in complex sample matrices
  • Software provides analysis and identification of single or multiple analytes and patterns
  • Widest dynamic range of any commercial electrochemical detector (ECD)
  • Measurers analytes from femtomole to micromole levels with autoranging
  • The only high-sensitivity ECD that can be used with the most aggressive gradients
  • Multiple system configurations (upgradeable 4, 8, 12, or 16 channel options)
  • Easy to implement, learn, operate, and maintain

This detector delivers unmatched selectivity for detection of trace components in complex matrixes, even in the presence of coeluting molecules.

The CoulArray Coulometric Array Detector comes complete with a 6210 Array cell for every 4-channel increment.