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Electrochemical Detectors for LC

Electrochemical detection is the most sensitive and selective mode of LC detection for the measurement of oxidizable or reducible compounds. Thermo Scientific Dionex electrochemical detectors utilize the widest range of advanced amperometric and coulometric sensors, and are optimized to ensure rigorous, reliable, and reproducible results.

UltiMate 3000 ECD-3000RS Electrochemical Detector

The Thermo Scientific Dionex UltiMate 3000 ECD-3000RS Electrochemical Detector features all new electronics with advanced digital processing, guaranteeing the lowest possible detection limits from microbore to normal bore for both HPLC and UHPLC.

Coulochem III Electrochemical Detector

The Thermo Scientific Dionex Coulochem III Electrochemical Detector is a multimode electrochemical detector for use with any LC system. DC mode is used for high-sensitivity analyses. Pulsed amperometric mode is used for carbohydrate analyses. Scan mode enables characterization of an analyte’s electrochemical behavior. This detector is ideal for use in enhanced ionization with mass spectrometry (MS) and can be utilized for electrochemical synthesis with our 5125 and 5150 synthesis cells.  

CoulArray Coulometric Array Detector

The Thermo Scientific Dionex CoulArray Coulometric Array Detector delivers unmatched selectivity for detection of trace components in complex matrixes, even in the presence of coeluting molecules. This gradient-compatible detector can be used for targeted analyses of specific analytes or to generate multimetabolite patterns in metabolomic studies.

Electrochemical Cells

From coulometric to amperometric to specialty cells (synthesis, Boron-Doped Diamond, UHPLC), Thermo Scientific has electrochemical cells specifically designed for a variety of critical applications.