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WPS Microfraction Collection Option

The Microfraction Collection (μFC) option for the WPS-3000(T)PL Nano/Cap Autosampler enables fully-automated injection, fractionation, and re-injection on a single, integrated system. Taking full advantage of the three well plate capacity, the system is capable of fractionating and reinjecting more than 1000 samples without the need for any manual handling.

  • Highest flexibility with respect to column dimensions and mobile phase selections
  • Easy method development
  • Dedicated optimization of each separation dimension
  • Multiple analyses of the fractionated sample, even with different methods

The μFC option can be used only with the WPS-3000(T)PL and WPS-3000TBPL autosamplers. This option used with the UltiMate® 3000 Proteomics MDLC system offers fully automated off-line multidimensional (MD) LC for a variety of methods and flow rate ranges.

Note: For more details on the µFC option and the UltiMate 3000 Proteomics MDLC system, please refer to the LCi Solutions section.