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Biocompatible Isocratic Pump

The Thermo Scientific Dionex UltiMate 3000 Biocompatible Isocratic Pump ISO-3100BM is designed for optimum electrochemical detection (ED). The serial dual-piston pump design incorporates Smartflow technology for constant zero-pulsation flow delivery for full compatibility with the highly sensitive Thermo Scientific Dionex Coulochem III Electrochemical Detector. A wide flow rate and pressure range provides flexibility for all common ED applications. When used in combination with the Biocompatible Analytical Sampler, it creates the ideal front-end system for electrochemical detection.

  • Reliable workhorse for challenging electrochemical detection applications
  • Zero-pulsation flow delivery for optimum support of ED
  • Biocompatible flow path for highest detection sensitivity with ED
  • Wide operating flow rate range from 50 µL/min to 2500 µL/min with high flow rate accuracy
  • Support of operating pressures of up to 410 bar (5950 psi)