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Dual-Gradient Analytical Pump

The Thermo Scientific Dionex UltiMate 3000 Dual-Gradient Analytical Pump DGP-3600SD is the pump of choice for advanced analytical chromatographic techniques. It supports all standard LC applications and UHPLC applications up to 62 MPa (9000 psi) and is ideal for increasing sample throughput, achieving higher chromatographic resolution, or automating sample preparation steps such as analyte enrichment or matrix elimination.

  • Serial dual-piston operating principle, low-pressure gradient proportioning
  • Two ternary Rapid Separation pumps in a single instrument enclosure
  • Wide operating flow rate range from 200 μL/min to 10 mL/min with high flow rate accuracy
  • Support of operating pressures of up to 620 bar (9000 psi)
  • SmartFlow technology automatically ensures optimal chromatographic performance at any operation condition
  • Automatic compressibility compensation, no manual solvent setting needed
  • Unique SpinFlow mixing design perfectly balance gradient delay volume against mixing efficiency
  • Extensive mixer portfolio (35–1550 μL) to cover all application needs
  • Active rear-seal wash for maximum seal lifetime, and reduced instrument down time
  • Easy control of x2 dual systems with Chromeleon software including control of two gradients in parallel

The DGP-3600SD is recommended for research and other analytical laboratories that require a general purpose LC pump capable of standard as well as advanced two-dimensional techniques.