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Dual-Gradient Rapid Separation LC Pump

The Dual-Gradient Rapid Separation Pump is the first pump that combines the ultrahigh-speed and resolution of RSLC with x2 dual technology. Advanced chromatographic techniques such as parallel, tandem, and 2-dimensional LC become realistic, practical options, even at ultrahigh speed. Use the pump to operate conventional or ultrahigh-speed applications, increase sample throughput, achieve higher chromatographic resolutions, or automate sample preparation steps such as analyte enrichment or matrix elimination. Ultrahigh-resolution columns using sub-3 μm and sub-2 μm particle size are the preferred format for this pump, but all conventional HPLC columns are fully supported.

  • The Dual-Gradient Pump incorporates two ternary gradient pumps in the footprint of a single LC system
  • Control of x2 dual systems with Chromeleon® software ensures ease-of-use, documentation of all instrument settings, and automated startup and shut-down routines.
  • Accommodate two different applications on an x2 dual system with different solvents and columns, and switch between applications without replumbing the system.
  • Exceptionally wide flow-pressure footprint with flows from 100 µL/min to 8 mL/min and pressures up to 15,000 psi (103.4 MPa), with a flow accuracy of ±0.1%.
  • Accurate, precise retention times thanks to the high flow and proportioning precision with ternary low-pressure gradient proportioning.
  • Dionex’s mixing concept perfectly balances gradient delay volume against mobile-phase mixing efficiency. Adapting the mixing volume to the application requirements takes just a matter of seconds.