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LC Pumps

The UltiMate® 3000 pump family offers the most complete choice in the industry. From nano LC to rapid separation applications, from conventional applications to UHPLC, the UltiMate 3000 pumps always provide industry-leading flow, pressure, and precision.

• Future-proof flow-pressure footprint provides highest application flexibility
• Outstanding reliability and durability combined with unrivaled flow and gradient performance
• SmartFlow® technology automatically ensures optimal chromatographic performance at any operation condition
• Automatic compressibility compensation, no manual solvent setting needed
• Unique SpinFlow™ mixing design for exceptional mixing performance
• Extensive mixer portfolio to cover all application needs
• Active rear-seal wash and floating pistons for maximum seal lifetime
• Unique dual-gradient pumps for productivity solutions and advanced chromatographic methods
• Pumps with titanium pump heads for fully biocompatible flow paths available

High quality pump components, intelligent mechanical and electronic design, and rigorous quality assurance testing guarantee durable and reliable operation. AutoQ™ equipment qualification tests and predictive performance indicators simplify installation, qualification, and performance verification. Easy front-panel access and a clean and intuitive fluidic design assure optimum ease of use and effortless maintenance.

RSLCnano Pump with Column Compartment

Enter the new dimension in Nano LC with the NCS-3500RS. All in a single housing, this module provides a binary high-pressure gradient RSLCnano pump, a ternary low-pressure gradient loading pump, and a column compartment for shortest possible capillary connections and highest application flexibility. The module covers the widest flow range from 20 nL/min to 50 µL/min at pressures up to 800 bar (11,600 psi). The robust, continuous direct flow delivery is designed for interruption-free analysis and industry-leading retention time precision.

RSLCnano HPG Pump

The RSLCnano HPG pump is a high-pressure gradient (HPG) pump for nano, capillary, or micro flow delivery, featuring continuous direct-flow delivery from 20 nL/min to 50 µL/min at pressures up to 800 bars. Available as a stand alone pump (NCP-3200RS) or a dual-gradient pump and column compartment in one housing (NCS-3500RS).

Binary Rapid Separation LC Pump

The Binary Rapid Separation Pump HPG-3x00RS is with its industry-leading performance and reliability the best choice for any ultrahigh-speed and ultrahigh-resolution application. The unrivaled flow pressure foot-print of 1034 bar (15,000 psi) at up to 5 mL/min and 800 bar (11,600 psi) at 8 mL/min assure maximum flexibility.

Quaternary Rapid Separation LC Pump

The Quaternary Rapid Separation Pump LPG-3400RS combines the best of both worlds, conventional LC and UHPLC. The use of up to four solvents at pressures up to 1034 bar (15,000 psi) and flow rates up to 8 mL/min provides the highest degree of flexibility. From conventional LC routine application to UHPLC method development, this pump always provides outstanding performance.

Dual-Gradient Rapid Separation LC Pump

The Dual-Gradient Rapid Separation Pump is the first pump of its kind that allows use of the ultrahigh speed and resolution of RSLC with x2 dual technology. Use the pump to operate conventional or ultrahigh-speed applications, increase sample throughput, achieve higher chromatographic resolution, or automate sample preparation steps such as analyte enrichment or matrix elimination.

Isocratic Analytical Pump

The Isocratic Analytical Pump ISO-3100SD offers robust, dependable operation to meet the demanding requirements of QA and QC laboratories while making the most of equipment budgets. Flow rates of up to 10 mL/min at up to 620 bar (9000psi) makes it the ideal choice for isocratic applications even using sub-3 µm particle size columns.

Biocompatible Isocratic Pump

The Biocompatible Isocratic Micro Pump ISO-3100BM is optimized for electrochemical detection applications. The pump provides constant, zero-pulsation flow delivery with an inert flow path for the best detection sensitivity.

Quaternary Analytical Pumps

The Quaternary Analytical Pump LPG-3400SD combines outstanding performance with the highest degree of flexibility in solvent proportioning. Flow rates of up to 10 mL/min at up to 620 bar (9000psi) and a comprehensive mixer portfolio makes it the ideal choice for a wide range of applications.

Dual-Gradient Analytical Pump

The Dual-Gradient Analytical Pump DGP-3600SD supports all standard LC applications and UHPLC applications at flow rates of up to 10 mL/min at up to 620 bar (9000 psi). It is ideal for increasing sample throughput, achieving higher chromatographic resolution, or automating sample preparation steps such as analyte enrichment or matrix elimination.

Binary Analytical Pump

The Binary Analytical Pump HPG-3x00SD perfectly suits to fast analytical LC separations with outstanding retention time reproducibility. With flow rates of up to 10 mL/min at up to 620 bar (9000psi) the pumps offers compatibility with UHPLC applications.

Binary Semipreparative Pump

The UltiMate 3000 Binary Semipreparative Pump HPG-3200P is the right choice for laboratories that need to purify compounds in the microgram to lower-milligram range.