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RSLCnano HPG Pump

The HPG nano pump is the heart of the UltiMate® 3000 RSLCnano system. The pump’s high-pressure gradient mixing and dual-piston design provides:

  • Accurate gradient mixing
  • Minimal system delay volume of only 25 nL
  • Continuous operation

The continuous direct flow is delivered by four pistons (two per solvent channel). Unlike syringe-driven systems, a refill cycle is not required. During flow delivery of one piston, the other is refilled. After the refill cycle, the refilled piston is pressurized and takes over the flow delivery. This all happens automatically, without any effect on the separation; the UltiMate 3000 RSLCnano is the only nano LC system to feature continuous direct flow.

The HPG nano pump delivers 800 bar of column backpressure over the complete flow range. Flow rates range from 20 nL/min (nano flow) up to 50 µL/min (micro flow), providing a wide flow-pressure footprint for unrivaled application flexibility. The flow-rate accuracy is monitored and provided by the flow meter, an integral part of the system.

The flow selector installed on the flow meter unit allows flow range selection between nano or capillary flow rates. The flow selector can be changed easily, without tools, in minutes.

The HPG nano pump works independent of solvent with a simple calibration procedure. Each flow selector has a factory- stored default value, which is corrected for the viscosity of the solvent used in the analysis by the semiautomated calibration routine.

The HPG nano pump is available as a standalone pump (NCP-3200RS) and integrated with a loading pump and column compartment (NCS-3500RS) in a single module. Please check the ordering information for more details.