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Proteomics Multidimensional LC Solutions

Using the unique x2 dual-gradient technology, 2D-LC methods can be performed on a single system. Use the switching valves inside the NCS-3500 column compartment for on-line 2D-LC or combine the x2 dual-gradient technology with the micro fractionation option to perform off-line 2D-LC. The UltiMate® 3000 Proteomics MDLC offers a wide flow rate range and high flow rate flexibility, allowing the system to perform an extensive range of applications, as shown in the figure below:

UltiMate 3000 Proteomics MDLC system configurations, applications, and column technology.

These 2-D solutions use the UltiMate 3000 Proteomics MDLC system to address challenging proteomics applications.

  • Combination of two orthogonal chromatographic techniques, for example, IEX and RP-HPLC or high and low pH RP-HPLC
  • Separation of complex samples
  • High peak capacities
  • Easy system control and visualization of 2D-LC data with Chromeleon software
  • Simple method development and optimization
  • High method flexibility

The UltiMate 3000 Proteomics MDLC system provides:

  • Unique x2 dual-gradient systems that enables multidimensional separation on one system
  • The advanced UltiMate 3000 well plate sampler for both injection and fractionation, providing fully automated off-line 2D-LC and protein pre-fractionation
  • Nanoflow capabilities for the final analytical stage
  • On-line fraction collection on MALDI targets with the Probot Microfraction Collector/Spotter
  • Complete range of column types for your separation needs
  • Fractionation control and visualization of 2-D retention map using Chromeleon® Chromatography Data System
  • DCMSLink™ for single-point control of UltiMate 3000 through Xcalibur (Thermo Fisher), Analyst® (AB/Sciex) and HyStar (Bruker Daltonics) for easy ESI coupling
  • Easy automation of separation processes, leading to higher sample throughput, more reliable results, and improved laboratory productivity