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Proteomics Parallel LC

In order to maximize sample throughput and MS utilization when performing nano and capillary LC-MS/MS for peptide sequencing and protein identification, Dionex recommends performing peptide preconcentration and separation on a parallel LC setup. This parallel LC configuration includes two preconcentration nano LC setups for on-line sample cleanup.

  • Increased sample throughput for new and existing proteomic methods
  • Shorter run times due to off-line column regeneration
  • On-line peptide preconcentration, cleanup and separation
  • Parallel LC application kits available for nano, capillary and monolithic configurations

In Proteomics Parallel LC, protein digests are injected onto a trap column for sample cleanup and desalting. After cleanup, the 2-position valve is switched and the gradient is started to elute the peptides from the trap column. After separation on the analytical column, the columns are washed and equilibrated. During this phase, the next sample is injected onto the second trap and analytical column system to wash and separate the peptides. A dedicated nano valve in the Flow Manager is used to connect the nano column to the MS detector for peptide identification.


Flow schematic for proteomics parallel LC.

The parallel LC setup allows simultaneous peptide separation and column equilibration, for increased sample throughput up to 100%.

The UltiMate® 3000 x2 Nano/Cap LC system for parallel LC includes the SRD-3600 Solvent Rack, DGP-3600M Micro Dual-Gradient Pump, LPG-3400M Micro Quaternary Pump, WPS-3000PL Nano/Cap Pulled-Loop Autosampler, FLM-3300 Flow Manager with one 2-position 10-port switching valve, FLM-3200 Flow Manager with 2-position 10-port and 2-position 6-port switching valves, and VWD-3100 UV/Vis Detector.