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Proteomics Preconcentration

The Proteomics Preconcentration LC Solution is ideally suited for the analysis of in-gel digested protein samples, where a reversed-phase trap column is used for sample cleanup and preconcentration of the peptides. By concentrating the sample onto the trap column, conventional injection volumes can be made on nano LC columns. In addition, the low flow resistance of the trap column allows the use of high flow rates to inject large sample volumes in a short time.

  • Fast injection of large samples in nano LC
  • High detection sensitivity
  • On-line cleanup and desalting of samples
  • Preconcentration kits available for nano, capillary, micro, and monolithic configurations
  • Chromeleon® Chromatography Data System provides easy system and application control

The typical workflow in a preconcentration experiment starts with sample injection onto a trap column. The sample is preconcentrated and desalted by flushing an aqueous solvent through the trap column. After cleanup, the 2-position valve is switched to place the trap column in series with the separation column. The solvent gradient is started to elute and separate the analytes. The analytes are then detected by UV and/or MS/MS or are spotted on-line onto a MALDI target.


Flow schematic for proteomics preconcentration.

The UltiMate® 3000 RSLCnano system for preconcentration and sample cleanup includes the SRD-3400 Solvent Rack, NCS-3500RS, WPS-3000PLRS Nano/Cap Pulled-Loop Autosampler, and VWD-3100 UV-vis Detector.