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Automated Application Switching for Improved HPLC System Utilization

The UltiMate® 3000 x2 Dual LC system makes it possible to automate switching from one analytical method to another, even if different columns and mobile phases are used. This technique saves the time that would be spent on changing mobile phase and column, and flushing and equilibrating the system for the new eluent composition. In addition, it can be performed overnight or during the weekends, allowing for maximum instrument utilization. The advanced x2 Dual LC system with the Chromeleon® Chromatography Data system automates these steps and switches your system from one application to another in a matter of minutes.The x2 Dual Rapid Separation System expands this technology to pressures up to 1000 bar for ultrafast speed/ultrahigh resolution.

  • Easily switch between applications by clicking on the Chromeleon control panel.
  • Two independent flow paths support the use of separate columns and mobile phases.
  • Tubing to and from the autosampler can be flushed before switching to another application.
  • Low standby flow rate prevents precipitation of eluent buffers, increasing instrument uptime.
  • Application switching can be scheduled for ultimate flexibility.
  • Set method A to run over the weekend, and automatically switch to method B Sunday morning—both will be complete when you arrive in the laboratory on Monday.
  • Analytical and micro automated application switching kits include all required tubing and instructions

In this solution, after the operator configures both LC methods, the system automatically starts and equilibrates. As the analyses on the first column finish, the system automatically switches to the second method and column without additional operator intervention. This approach frees operator time, increases system use time, and  boosts productivity.

Automated application switching automates two different methods in series and minimizes system idle time.