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Tandem Analyses for HPLC High Throughput

Tandem analysis provides another way to shorten your run times, utilizing the power of off-line column regeneration. It is available for x2 Dual analytical and x2 Dual Rapid Separation systems. The x2 Dual RSLC System expands this technology to pressures up to 1000 bar for ultrafast speed/ultrahigh resolution.

  • Increase throughput for new and existing methods
  • No revalidation of methods required
  • Up to 50% shorter run times, with off-line column regeneration
  • Analytical and micro tandem LC application kits include all required tubing and instructions
  • Tandem LC wizard in Chromeleon® software helps to convert existing methods into tandem LC methods

Flow scheme for tandem analyses.

In tandem LC mode, two identical columns are switched between two flow paths—an analysis flow path and a regeneration flow path to allow column washing and re-equilibration off-line. While one column is equilibrated, the system injects the next sample on the other. This solution saves the time required to wash and equilibrate a column for the next injection—typically 20–50% of total analysis time.