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LC for Single Quadrupole MS

UltiMate® UHPLC systems with MSQ Plus single quadrupole mass spectrometric detection are easy to use. The UltiMate System's Wellness technology, automatic calibration of the MS detector, and self-cleaning ion source allow for continuous routine operation without the need for frequent cleaning or maintenance. The complete system requires very little setup or fine-tuning to achieve optimum sensitivity. You no longer have to learn two software packages to operate your LC/MS system. Chromeleon® LC/MS software provides single-software method setup and instrument control, powerful UV and MS data analysis, and fully integrated reporting.

For optimal performance of microbore LC methods, the UltiMate 3000 single quadrupole MS system is based on a Binary Rapid Separation System. This technique uses the following modules:

Little Space Required

Save space in your laboratory with modern compact instruments. A complete UltiMate LC/MS system is less than 80 cm (31 in.) wide, and is one of the most compact LC/MS system on the market today. The integrated design of the MSQ Plus detector has led to an approximate twofold decrease in footprint area and system volume compared to previous MS systems, with no compromise in system performance. The design changes that have been implemented significantly increase performance and functionality.


Reliably detect trace components with the most sensitive single quadrupole LC/MS system available. The MSQ M Path triple orthogonal source virtually eliminates neutral noise and background, assuring extreme sensitivity. The UltiMate HPLC system ensures the stable operating conditions required for continuous high-ionization yields. The MSQ Plus is compatible with existing LC methods, especially those including salts, ion-pairing agents, and dirty matrices, and can be operated over a wide range of conditions, including flow rates up to 2 mL/min.

Robustness and Reliability

The UltiMate LC/MS system with the MSQ Plus Mass Spectrometric Detector allows routine operation over extended periods, even in unattended mode. The self-cleaning atmospheric pressure ionization (API) source ensures continuous high sensitivity without the need for frequent cleaning, even when using inorganic buffers or ion-pairing agents. UltiMate System Wellness technology ensures that the HPLC instruments continuously perform under optimal conditions. Warnings are automatically generated if one of the HPLC modules detects a problem, saving time and resources by preventing running the system under suboptimal conditions.

Maximum Flexibility

With the UltiMate LC/MS system, you have flexibility with respect to supported MS techniques and required flow conditions. The MSQ features atmospheric pressure ionization (API), with both electrospray ionization (ESI) and atmospheric chemical ionization (APCI) capabilities. Polarity switching provides detection for the analysis of positive and negative ions simultaneously. Changing the cone voltage (collisional induced fragmentation) on sequential scans across a chromatographic peak yields more compound information. UltiMate pumps can be optimized, within minutes, for the lowest gradient delay volume and superior mixing. When operating your system at low flow rates (< 200 µL/min), lowest gradient delay optimization considerably reduces your analysis times, and therefore improves the total sample throughput. When using ion-pairing agents or poorly miscible eluents, superior mixing optimization increases the sensitivity of your system.

More Information in Less Time

As an LC/MS operator, you spend a considerable amount of your time with data analysis and reporting. Chromeleon LC/MS software is the most intuitive and powerful chromatography software package on the market, and allows you to extract more information from your data in less time. It provides fully integrated LC/MS method and instrument control, fast comparisons and extraction, background correction of mass and UV spectra, and Microsoft Excel-type reporting for data from all detectors. You spend less time learning new software, freeing more time for your analytical work.