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UltiMate 3000 x2 Dual Analytical LC System

The UltiMate® 3000 x2 Dual Analytical system is the ideal choice to maximize sample throughput for your conventional HPLC and UHPLC separations. The system combines the flexibility of ternary solvent selection with the productivity and performance of x2 Dual LC at system pressures up to 620 bar. The modular design is easily customized to your applications and sample preparation needs.

  • SmartFlow® technology for precise and accurate flow rates from 0.2 to 10 mL/min
  • UHPLC compatibility with operating pressures up to 62 MPa (9000 psi)
  • Optimized extracolumn volume for superior separation efficiency
  • Ultralow carryover, high precision μL auto-injections
  • Wide temperature range, thermostatted control of samples and columns
  • UltiMate 3000 x2 Dual Titanium system available

Intelligent x2 Dual LC solutions save time and effort. Parallel and tandem configurations increase sample throughput by up to 100%, by automating two applications in one run. Multidimensional separations provide resolution impossible with single-column methods. On-line sample preparation saves time and reduces complexity, sample loss, and matrix interferences.