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UltiMate 3000 x2 Dual Micro LC System

When your microbore applications need the performance and flexibility of ternary solvent selection and the productivity and performance of x2 dual LC, the x2 Dual Micro is the system of choice. The throughput of your best microbore separations can be increased up to 100% with the tandem or parallel configurations. On-line sample preparation with high efficiency columns creates many options for reduced interferences and short analysis cycles. For LC/MS, these benefits translate into improved utilization of the MS and improved performance of fast, microbore LC/MS separations. The x2 Dual Micro System can be configured and reconfigured to always meet the changing demands of your laboratory.

  • Maximized eluent options for 2-D separations
  • Microbore optimized system delay volume
  • Precise, accurate autosampling from well plates and microvials
  • Chromeleon® software wizards guide setup of dual configurations