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Innovation and quality have made Dionex a leader in the worldwide separations industry. Our expertise allows us to work closely with chemists, biochemists, and other customers in various markets. We actively seek new technologies to help our industry. Customer satisfaction is the foundation for our continued growth and strong financial condition. And it is the organizing principle for all of our operations, from R&D and manufacturing, to sales and customer support.

For HPLC, Dionex launched the UltiMate® 3000 Rapid Separation LC system delivering state-of-the-art UHPLC performance, and added the UltiMate 3000 RSLCnano system to bring the same benefits to proteomics research. Dionex recently expanded its UHPLC detector portfolio by adding the Corona® family of universal charged aerosol detectors, widely used in the pharmaceutical industry.

For IC, Dionex expanded its industry-leading Reagent-Free IC family with the introduction of the RFIC-ER eluent regeneration and RFIC-ESP electrolytic sample preparation (ESP) systems. Eluent regeneration reduces waste, labor, and equilibration and calibration time while still offering superior performance, reliability, and ease-of-use in routine IC analysis. ESP helps automate on-line sample cleanup and matrix elimination as well as supporting trade analyses.

Chromeleon Chromatography Data System not only controls and automates chromatography instrumentation; it provides data management, security features, and reporting and instrument validation. Powerful and adaptable, Chromeleon increases productivity by managing every facet of analysis, from sample to instrument, from separation to reporting results.

The ASE® 350 and ASE 150 systems accelerate extraction of solid and semisolid matrices by elevating solvent temperature and pressure. ASE is faster than Soxhlet and other extraction methods and requires significantly less solvent and labor. Dionex also offers a new and powerful automated solid-phase extraction (SPE) workstation, the AutoTrace® 280 SPE instrument, which provides high reliability and precision for superior results.

Dionex column chemistries optimize separations across the full range of IC and HPLC applications. Our silica Acclaim® line excels in liquid chromatography analysis, from explosive chemical testing to determining dietary supplement purity. IonPac® ion-exchange columns deliver excellence in water analysis. New Dionex chemistries, such as ProSwift and PepSwift monoliths, continue to expand the biochemical capabilities of Dionex separation solutions.

Liquid Chromatography

The UltiMate 3000 HPLC series delivers significant improvements in performance while simultaneously maintaining easy, reliable operation. Select from a wide range of modules to optimize your systems for numerous applications; from Rapid Separation LC (RSLC) for ultrafast high-resolution separations to sensitive nanoflow LC/MS.

Ion Chromatography

Thermo Scientific Dionex ion chromatography systems are the culmination of over 30 years of innovation, with systems and solutions that represent state-of-the-art technological advancements and patented technologies.

Sample Preparation

Solvent extractions that normally require labor-intensive steps are automated or performed in minutes, with reduced solvent consumption and reduced sample handling using the Thermo Scientific Dionex ASE Accelerated Solvent Extractor system or Thermo Scientific Dionex AutoTrace 280 Solid-Phase Extraction instrument.

Mass Spectrometry

Dionex provides advanced integrated IC/MS and LC/MS solutions with superior ease-of-use and modest price and space requirements.

Process Analytical

Dionex process analytical systems are used worldwide to provide more timely analysis results by moving liquid chromatography based measurements on-line. The Integral process analytical platform can help you reduce reporting delays, improve process throughput and efficiency, and reduce downtime with the information the system provides.

Chromatography Data Systems

Whatever your needs are – whether you use instruments from Thermo Fisher Scientific, or from other manufacturers, or both – there’s a Chromeleon CDS solution that’s right for you. Find out why Chromeleon CDS has become the preferred chromatography data system in laboratories throughout the world.


Dionex offers a wide variety of LC, IC, and Bio columns to meet any analytical application.


Dionex offers a wide range of accessories and suppressors for use with HPLC, IC, and RFIC systems.

Thermo Scientific and Dionex Product Bundles

Dionex Products are now a part of the Thermo Scientific brand, creating exciting new possibilities for scientific analysis. Now, leading capabilities in liquid chromatography, ion chromatography, and sample preparation are together in one portfolio with those in mass spectrometry. Combining Dionex’s leadership in chromatography to Thermo Scientific’s leadership position in mass spectrometry, a new range of powerful and simplified workflow solutions now becomes possible.