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Mass Spectrometry

Dionex provides advanced integrated IC/MS and LC/MS solutions with superior ease-of-use and modest price and space requirements. UltiMate® 3000 System Wellness technology and automatic MS calibration allow continuous operation with minimal maintenance. ICS-5000 and ICS-2100 RFIC systems automatically remove mobile phase ions for effort-free transition to MS detection.

  • MSQ Plus, the smallest and most sensitive single quadrupole on the market for LC and IC
  • Self-cleaning ion source for low-maintenance operation
  • Chromeleon® software for single-point method setup, instrument control and data management
  • Compatible with existing IC and LC methods
  • The complete system includes the MSQ Plus, PC data system, ESI and APCI probe inlets, and vacuum system

You no longer need two software packages to operate your LC/MS system. Chromeleon LC/MS software provides single-software method setup and instrument control, powerful UV, conductivity, and MS data analysis, and fully integrated reporting.

MSQ Plus Mass Spectrometer

The MSQ Plus Mass Spectrometer can be used in a wide range of applications and methodologies in both HPLC and IC. Only 12 inches wide, the MSQ Plus is by far the most compact mass spectrometer on the market today. It provides universal detection and characterization of analytes in the 17–2000 m/z range.

MSQ18LA Nitrogen Gas Generator

The MSQ18LA delivers a premium solution for nitrogen requirements and comes factory pre-set to the required flow rates, pressures, and purities for the MSQ family of mass spectrometric detectors. It operates 24 hours per day, seven days per week in either ESI or APCI mode to suit your most demanding workload.

AXP-MS Auxilliary Pump for MS

The AXP-MS single-piston pump uses a digital stepper drive and rapid refill to deliver precise and accurate flow. An internal transducer provides pressure display and monitoring capability. The AXP-MS is a high-quality auxiliary pump for MS support or general metering applications.