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MSQ18LA Nitrogen Gas Generator

The MSQ18LA delivers a premium solution for nitrogen requirements and comes factory pre-set to the required flow rates, pressures, and purities for the MSQ family of mass spectrometric detectors. It operates 24 hours per day, seven days per week in either ESI or APCI mode to suit your most demanding workload. With the ability of the MSQ detectors to run continuously for extended periods—even for samples using involatile buffers or with dirty matrices—an MSQl8LA is a must to ensure the highest productivity from your instrument. Interruptions to analysis due to cylinder changes will be a thing of the past.


  • Constant gas supply
  • Up to 15 times more economical than cylinders
  • Simple installation
  • Minimal servicing requirements
  • Internal air compressor
  • CE / UL approved
  • Energy efficient


  • Sleep mode function—minimizes compressor run time, prolonging life of compressor
  • Improved reliability—maximizes generator uptime
  • PLC control system—total run hour count for compressor provides a service countdown
  • Mobile—flexibility to position generator where required, even under standard lab bench
  • Simple and user-friendly—easy to use and to service
  • Quiet operation—not audible in average lab environment
  • Simple installation—up and running in minutes
  • Low cost of ownership—minimum service requirements

The quiet-running MSQ18LA uses membrane technology to selectively remove moisture, oxygen, and other gasses for clean, dry, phthalate-free nitrogen at a max flow of 18 L/min. The internal oil-free air compressor ensures years of operation with no fall-off in purity or performance. Its PLC features a total run hour count for the compressor, and tracks time to next service.

Note: The MSQ18LA is for the operation of a single MSQ MS.