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Process Analytical Market Applications

Process Analytical systems from Dionex find applications in a wide range of industries and environments, offering the confidence of timely and trustworthy data, the advantages of knowledgeable process control, and the value of profitable process quality. Hundreds of Dionex on-line ICs and HPLCs are already in use worldwide; from process development laboratories to remote monitoring stations and manufacturing plant floors.


Use on-line HPLC systems for real-time determination of product quality in purification process streams or determining the reaction endpoint or impurity profiles in synthesis reactions. Use on-line Reagent-Free IC (RFIC) systems for monitoring nutrient levels such as amino acids, organic acids, and carbohydrates in fermentation reactors. Dionex offers a host of separation capabilities that are adaptable for on-line analysis.


On-line IC systems are used to monitor corrosive ions in coolant streams and steam condensates, as well as make-up water quality fossil fuel and nuclear power plants. Systems are used in the nuclear power industry at PWR and BWR plants to monitor primary and secondary chemistries. Power plants find utility for migration systems in sampling labs, as well as on-line.


Process analytical RFIC systems are used to monitor ultrapure water and process chemicals. Key applications include part-per-trillion ion analysis in ultrapure water and determination of trace contaminants in semiconductor grade acids, bases, and solvents.


Analyzing environmental samples at the source, on-line IC and HPLC systems are used to determine naturally occurring species in river and delta waters, organic waste intermediates in industrial effluent processes, and toxics at hazardous materials remediation sites.


On-line IC and HPLC systems are used to determine concentrations of product in reactors and to monitor contaminants in process and waste streams. Migration systems are useful additions to the process development where they are used to increase process understanding prior to scale-up.

Food and Beverage

Use HPLC and IC systems for real-time determination of product quality and critical process components such as waster quality. Process analytics can save time and improve quality for wide range of processes and products, including fermentation broths, purification steps, and other processes used to develop consumer products such as dairy products, soft drinks, fruit juices, and bottled water.