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Accelerated Solvent Extraction Accessories

Dionex offers ASE® accessories to improve productivity and allow sample tracking.

ASE Starter Kits

ASE Starter Kits are customized to match your instrument and cell size requirements, and include rinse tubes, funnels, filters, and vials. The 34 mL and small-volume kits for ASE 350 include 60 mL collection vial inserts.

Accelerated Solvent Extraction (ASE) Cells

Stainless steel extraction cells are available for the ASE 150 and 350. Thermo Scientific also offers a special extraction cell manufactured with Dionium® components for use with ASE 150 and 350.

ASE 2-Liter Bottles and Cap Assemblies

The 2-Liter solvent bottle and cap assembly holds organic solvents or aqueous buffers to be used as extraction solvents for ASE systems. The quick-connect fittings allow for easy assembly of the bottles to the systems.

ASE Heat Exchanger

The heat exchanger is an optional accessory to cool solvent and solvent vapors as they pass from the extraction cell into the collection vial or bottle.