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ASE Dispersants and Sorbents

Accelerated solvent extraction technique is gaining in popularity for the extraction of a variety of environmental and food matrices. This technique uses conventional liquid solvents at high temperatures and pressures to extract compounds from solid samples quickly with small solvent volume. The use of sorbents for post extraction cleanup sample has offered some of the highest level of selectivity for post accelerated solvent extraction. The most common adsorbents used for post accelerated solvent extraction sample cleanup are Florisil, and alumina.

There are a variety of products offered that can be added to the Thermo Scientific™ Dionex™ ASE™ extraction cell to remove moisture, disperse the sample matrix, and neutralize mineral acids.

Dionex ASE Prep Florisil Cartridges (P/N 088428) 
A selective synthetic form of magnesium silicate, and is a normal-phase sorbent used to remove polar interferences from extracts prior to GC or GC-MS analysis. Dionex ASE Prep Florisil cartridges are recommended for cleanup of soil extracts for pesticide analysis. The extracts show lower backgrounds and chromatograms with less interference, after cleanup with Dionex ASE Prep Florisil. The pesticide analytes are retained and concentrated on the cartridge; the analytes can then be eluted with a weak solvent while polar interferences remain on the cartridge.

Dionex ASE Prep Alumina Cartridges 
Dionex ASE Prep Alumina is a highly porous and granular form of aluminum oxide available in three pH ranges (basic, neutral, and acidic) for use in post extraction cleanup.

  • Dionex ASE Prep Alumina Acid (P/N 088433)
    Acidic alumina has a pH of 4-5, with a 50-200 µm particle size for anion exchange and adsorption extraction of polar compounds, such as vitamins.
  • Dionex ASE Prep Alumina Base (P/N 088434)
    Basic alumina has a pH of 9-10, with a 50-200 µm particle size for adsorption extraction of polar compounds, and cation exchange.
  • Dionex ASE Prep Alumina Neutral (P/N 088433)
    Neutral alumina has a pH of 6-8, with a 50-200 µm particle size that can be used to separate aldehydes, ketones, quinones, esters, lactones, and glycosides.

Dionex ASE Prep MAP (P/N 083475) 
Dionex ASE Prep MAP is a proprietary copolymer made from anionic and cationic monomers and is a consumable designed to remove moisture from wet samples.  This unique formulation allows moisture removal under a variety of ionic strength conditions and accelerated solvent extraction conditions. The polymer is a free flowing white granular material that can be easily mixed with Dionex ASE Prep DE (diatomaceous earth)  in a 1:1 ratio for the moisture removal under accelerated solvent extraction conditions.

Dionex ASE Prep DE (P/N 062819) 
Dionex ASE Prep DE is pelletized diatomaceous earth that acts as a dispersant and drying agent and is mixed with the sample prior to adding the sample to an extraction cell.

Dionex ASE Prep CR (P/N 080024 and 071397) 
Dionex ASE Prep CR are cation-exchange resins in sodium or hydrogen form that neutralize strong mineral acids (Na+ form) or bases (H+ form) that may have been used as a pretreatment for hydrolysis of solid samples.