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ASE Filters and Thimbles

Extraction thimbles for the Thermo Scientific™ Dionex™ ASE extraction cells are used to hold solid and semi solid samples when extracting analytes from complex matrices during accelerated solvent extraction, to prevent plugging of the fluid path. The Dionex ASE extraction thimbles are available in cellulose and glass fiber material. Thimbles can be used to

  • Make cell cleaning easier when extracting samples
    • That melt at high temperatures
    • That stick to the walls of the cell, e.g polymer samples
  • Weigh samples directly into the thimbles to avoid sample loss during transfer
  • Thimbles can also act as an additional filter when working with fine particulate samples that can clog the cell

Dionex ASE 150/350 Cellulose Thimbles

Cellulose extraction thimbles are made from high alpha cellulose and have excellent mechanical strength and retention. The high purity of the material gives reliable and reproducible analytical results. The dimensions of the thimbles are accurately matched to the Dionex ASE extraction cells to ensure an optimum fit during accelerated solvent extraction.

Dionex ASE 150/350 Glass Fiber Thimbles

Glass fiber thimbles are made from high purity borosilicate glass fibers, completely free of binders and additives and can be used at temperatures up to 500°C or when using solvents incompatible with cellulose thimbles.