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SolEx HRP On-Line Sample SPE Concentration Columns

SolEx HRP On-Line Sample SPE Concentration Columns

SolEx™ On-line Solid-phase extraction (SPE) columns are designed for fast, easy preconcentration of contaminants from water samples prior to HPLC analysis. The column is placed in the valve to automatically concentrate the analytes of interest. The on-line SolEx HRP columns are packed with a hydrophilic reversed-phase packing.

These columns provide:
• Greater confidence in results due to less sample handling
• More reproducible results because of automated on-line use
• A wide range of compounds: from polar to hydrophobic analytes
• High capacity with good recoveries
• Wide pH compatibility (0–14)
• Wide range of applications

SolEx HRP columns (2.1 × 20 mm) are designed specifically for on-line HPLC use, and are packed with a divinylbenzene polymer with a hydrophilic bonded layer. This resin is used in the reversed-phase mode and demonstrates excellent retention properties on both polar and hydrophobic analytes. Even with 100% aqueous mobile phases, no de-wetting occurs.  The SolEx HRP columns are available in both a cartridge format and an ultra high pressure compatible (UHPLC), rapid separation (RSLC) column format.  The cartridge fits in a holder for easy cartridge exchange when necessary.  The ultra high pressure, rapid separation column format can be used up to 800 bar.

The SolEx HRP column can be used for a wide variety of samples. Pharmaceutical and pesticides in water supplies, or endocrine disruptors in seawater can be concentrated with this cartridge, prior to HPLC separation.  More detailed information can be found in the data sheet.

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