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Dionex SolEx Silica-Based Extraction Cartridges

Regular C8 and C18 SPE Cartridges
The 1 mL SolEx cartridges contain 0.1 g of packing; the 3 mL cartridges contain 0.5 g of packing; and the 6 mL cartridges contain 1.0 g of packing. The C18 material is available as endcapped or unencapped silica to provide the selectivity required by various applications. The C8 and C18 chemistries are some of the most commonly used sorbent types for off-line SPE and are used for a wide variety of methods, including U.S. EPA-approved methods for the concentration of pesticides, herbicides, hydrocarbons, and other organic contaminants from water.

Phthalate-Free C8 and C18 SPE Cartridges
The phthalate-free SolEx SPE cartridges can be used for extraction of contaminants such as pesticides from water, and are excellent for trace analysis. They are available in C18 and C8 functionalities in a 6 mL cartridge. The C18 cartridges have 1.0 g of packing and the C8 cartridges have 0.5 g of packing. These have the same specifications as the standard C8 and C18 cartridges except they have PTFE frits and come packaged in Mylar bags to minimize phthalate contamination.

C18 SPE Cartridges for EPA Method 525.2
These SolEx SPE cartridges are made specifically for extraction of semivolatiles from drinking water (EPA Method 525.2). These C18 cartridges are available in a 6 mL cartridge and have 1.5 g of packing.

Unbonded Silica (Acid-Washed) SPE Cartridges
The unbonded silica SolEx SPE cartridges can be used to remove polar impurities and concentrate polar compounds. They are available in 6 mL cartridges with 0.5 g of packing.