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Dionex AutoTrace 280, Rocket Evaporator, and ISQ GC-MS


Thermo Scientific Dionex
AutoTrace 280
and Rocket

  • Reduced solvent usage and elimination of glassware
  • No technician involvement to maintain a reservoir of liquid or flow of solvent through the SPE cartridge
  • Evaporate to dry samples completely, or concentrate to a small volume
  • High levels of solvent recovery, even with volatile organic solvents

Thermo Scientific
ISQ Single Quadrupole GC-MS

  • Extend instrument uptime with unique Full Source Removal for continuous day-in, day-out operation
  • Improve sample throughput using fast data acquisition rates
  • Extended mass range for analytical versatility
  • Sequential Full Scan/SIM for screening and confirmation in the same analysis

A Dionex™ AutoTrace™ 280 plus the Rocket™ Evaporator for automated sample preparation, combined with the proven analytical capabilities of our Thermo Scientific ISQ single quadrupole GC-MS, comprise an integrated workflow that delivers increased productivity and sample throughput—a green solution with less solvent usage and waste at a lower cost per sample.

The Dionex AutoTrace 280 is a powerful, high-throughput workstation dedicated specifically for automating solid-phase extraction (SPE). The workstation automates the cartridge or disk conditioning, sample loading, rinsing, and eluting steps for large volume aqueous solution extractions (20 mL to 20 L).

The unit can process up to six samples in parallel, automatically conditioning, washing, and eluting SPE cartridges or disks with a choice of up to five reagents. The unit also segregates aqueous and solvent waste using separate waste lines for efficient, cost-effective waste handling.

Wide mass range covers broad application needs

EnviroLab Forms data review

The Rocket Evaporator is a vacuum-based centrifuge evaporator that can concentrate samples automatically and recover 95% or greater of the evaporated solvent. In addition, SampleGenie® enables samples to be concentrated or dried directly into the storage or autosampler vial without the need for manual transfers or graduated washing steps. SampleGenie saves time and eliminates handling errors. In effect, it achieves sample transfer automation, but without the robotics.

Transferring your environmental samples to the ISQ™ single quadrupole GC-MS for analysis now means using a new source design that lets your system stay cleaner, longer. With heat throughout the ion optics, the system can analyze more samples per day, with maximum uptime. And the broad dynamic range accommodates concentration variations from sample to sample with ease. When it comes to analyzing your data, Thermo Scientific EnviroLab Forms software handles the sample throughput and stringent quality control requirements of any environmental lab.

Common Applications

  • Organic Contaminants in water, aqueous matrices
  • US EPA Methods 500 and 600 Series for SPE
  • US EPA Methods 8270D, 8081 for GC, GC-MS

GC-MS Organic Contaminants in Water Solution

Fully integrated workflow from sample prep to results in a comprehensive,
value-priced package:

  • Dionex AutoTrace 280 solid-phase extraction
  • Rocket Evaporator with SampleGenie
  • Thermo Scientific TRACE GC Ultra with ECD or ISQ single quadrupole GC-MS with Thermo Scientific AS 3000 II or TriPlus autosampler
  • EnviroLab™ Forms software
  • Single source for consumables, parts, upgrades, service and technical support